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Your ultimate retreat on Hiiumaa Island.

Off-season has started again – please ask us for great discounted prices!

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Bird Watching season has started. From early September until late October, thousands of ducks, geese and cranes use Orjaku wetlands as their last feeding and roosting grounds before their final migration to the wintering sites. Just 1km away from our guesthouse you can find one of the biggest bird watching towers in Estonia – don’t miss out on the beauty of Nature.

Orjaku manor

Built in 1640, Orjaku Manor is an old grain factory that has been preserved over the centuries in it's original outside form. It now functions as our main guest house. The first floor features a spacious living space, including dining, kitchen and reading area. The second floor features 6 modern luxurious rooms fully equipped with on suite bathrooms. All of our rooms have windows facing the bay water.

Discover six thousand years of history on the isolated but easily accessible Hiiumaa island. With 325 kilometers of coastline, hundreds of historic settlements, and a feeling of peace impossible to describe, the place we call home is the ultimate retreat for anyone who is looking for something different.

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