Dagen’s story

Dagen Haus means “a house in Hiiumaa”. You can read about our doings and our work from other pages and see with your own eyes in Hiiumaa. Here I would like to explain how this company got started. To do this, I have to tell you two stories.

I was 25 years old when I drove directly through Central Hiiumaa for the first time to visit my girlfriend in Kõpu. I was afraid that I would not to find the right way, so I took the road maps with me and followed the directions. I grew up in Hiiumaa; however, by that time I had been to Kõpu only a couple of times. After that winter I went there more often. Also elsewhere in Hiiumaa... Until the day half year later when I found myself to my own surprise and acknowledge, “Inside Hiiumaa, there is a second Hiiumaa, which is much greater than that of the outer!” The island of Hiiumaa, which I have discovered for myself, has a 325 km of coastline alone! Hiiumaa has a history of about 6,000 years. Here are the different types of beaches and forests, completely unspoilt places. Hiiumaa has nearly 200 villages. Although, some villages are left merely as places, or just with a couple of farms... but also the smallest place has its own history, the people and their fates. The island of Hiiumaa use to have 26 manors, each with its own buildings and rulers. Hiiumaa had over twenty port sites...

The second story is about when I was between the age of 16 and 17. I started to wander in a kiln of an old manor. I just loved that house and the place. It had the inexplicable beauty and charm. Many years later, I bought the place, and I started to build it up. The wandering and the restoration of the old house left me with the dream to build beautiful houses. For me, the beauty is certainly not in the size or glory. It is rather in old and worn, in simplicity and authenticity. I certainly do not expect everyone else to consider my houses beautiful...

As time passed, a farm Dagen Natural grew out of Dagen Haus. Dagen Natural maintains bovines and sheep, which is why we can constantly offer our own organic beef and lamb. In our catering, we are also committed to clean and local gifts of nature. To provide better catering and our own and local production, we are planning to introduce the manor basement as a classical basement and a good place for a small processing.

There are other exciting challenges, and we hope soon to once again surprise our loyal customers!

Omar Jõpiselg
Manager of Dagen Haus