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Our luxurious and spacious bedrooms are located on the second floor of the building with magnificent views of the traditional Hiiumaa beach landscape.

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Mõisakoha summer house

Located in Orjaku, 800 m from the Orjaku port, in the immediate vicinity of the Orjaku manor built in 1603. Of the former manor complex, only the park and individual buildings have been preserved, which are being restored to the best of their ability.

Orjaku's manor on Kassari island

Dagen Haus Guesthouse is located on the island of Hiiumaa, on the north-west coast of Kassari Island, in the former granary of Orjaku Manor. The manor was founded in 1603, when it was granted residence for a Swedish noblest state official. Today's Guesthouse lies on traditional limestone buildings constructed in the 1840's.

The first floor features a spacious living space, including dining, kitchen and reading area. The second floor features 6 modern luxurious rooms fully equipped with on suite bathrooms. All of our rooms have windows facing the bay water.

Today, we accommodate up to 18 guests in this house with a cozy atmosphere. The house can be reserved privately for business, or rooms for individuals. Breakfast is included in the room price!

About Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa is a small wide island made of limestone and sea sediments. It is special in its abundance of flora and fauna. Here is Estonia's most diverse nature, offering a vast amount of beautiful landscapes and fields of view for its small area.