How to get to Hiiumaa?

Drive 118km for 80 min through the West of Estonia to Rohuküla port. Then catch a pleasant ferry ride for 75 min to reach Heltermaa port, just 20 min away from the Guesthouse. Or enjoy the unique experience by flying over with a small plane that feels like a private jet. In 25 min you will arrive at Hiiumaa's Capital (Kärdla).

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Team contact

Have a question or want to share something useful, feel free to write or call 🙂 Don't worry if there's no instant reply to your message. We are probably enjoying the magic of Hiiumaa, but we'll definitely answer you within a day.


Omar Jõpiselg

The Owner of Dagen Haus

Kevad Orjakus

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+372 51 82 555

Silvi Seeberg Dang Haus

Silvi Seeberg

Guesthouse hostess

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Orjaku Mõisakoha OÜ
Dagen Haus Guesthouse

Hiiu maakond, Hiiumaa vald, Orjaku küla, Mõisa kuivati, 92114