Activities in Hiiumaa: What to do and where to go?

Elamuskeskus Tuuletorn

Ainulaadne ja meeleolukas Elamuskeskus Tuuletorn Hiiumaal pakub maagilist tunnetust igale uuele ja vanale sõbrale.Väga põnevad tegevused nii peredele kui sõpruskondadele läbi kuue korruse.

Imetle iidseid laevavrakke või vahi tõtt NATO allveelaevaga. Vaata ka seda, kuidas hiidlased kalu võrgutavad ja milline suhe on neil hüljestega. Võrdle herbaariumi elusuuruses taimi peopessa mahtuva Hiiumaaga. Siin on, mida avastada!

Saad õppida hiiu keelt ja panna proovile oma huumorimeele. Hiiu naljaga nalja pole! Võid lesida võrkkiiges ja mediteerida video saatel, mis kulgeb rahulikus tempos üle Hiiumaa hurmava looduse. Oletame, et oled unistanud pilvedel hüppamisest. Tuuletornis on ka see võimalik.

Lapsed saavad end proovile panna põneval võrkseinal, mida mööda saab isegi järgmisele korrusele ronida.

Või oled unistanud hoopis ilma tegemisest? Palun! Hiiu ilma juhtpaneeli taga saad ise ilmataat olla ja kutsuda esile vihma, tormi, äikest või virmalisi.

Tõelise seikluse saad, aga vallutades Hiiumaa tippe Baltikumi kõrgeimal (20 m) sise-ronimisseinal.

Naudi kõige ehtsamaid maitseid kohvik-resto Ruudis. Avatud aastaringselt!

Shore & Coastal Fishing

Fish can be caught in Hiiumaa in late spring as early as March. Once the ice has thawed and the rivers flow freely into the bay, you can be sure that the first fish are present.
From the beginning of April you can fish in Särga and Sänga near Orjaku. Until May, roach fishing will continue in Kõrgessaare, Suuremõisa and on the banks of the Vaemla rivers.

Come catch fish on the shore of the Bay of Orjaku (just 0.5km from Dagen). If you want a fishing package, check with the Silverfish family, they have put together a very awesome vacation. If you want a house with a boat, let us know about staying in Mõisakoha or write to Kassari Holiday CenterThey offer a holiday home with two boats near Sääretirp.

With the disappearance of ice, trout, cod and pike also reach our waters. The best fishing spots are from Tahkuna to Kalan and these beauties can be found in our waters until mid-June. The corn pike is added in May. The best fishing spot is Jausa Bay.

Exploration Bicycle Tours

One of the coolest ways to discover this magical island is to rent a bike and start cranking.

Hiiumaa has about 320km of coastline and forest forest access by bicycle and there are many bays. It is easiest for a continental visitor to ask for an offer from Citybike. You give them your luggage, which they take to the Hiiumaa property and you come by bike.

The island has a light traffic road from Kärdla towards Tahkuna, which is surrounded by many military facilities and can be easily discovered by bike. There are many forest trails and one section of the island has to be crossed by road. Fortunately, Hiiumaa is quite a small island with the longest straight line from Sarvest to Kõpu - 60km. Most of the island is surrounded by silence away from noise, enhanced by beautiful forests and various attractions. If you don't want to explore the whole island by bike, Dagen Haus offers the chance to tour the island of Kassari. You can get a bike from us for € 12 / day.

Horse Riding in Kassari Island

In addition to luxurious accommodation at Dagen Haus, the idyllic Kassari Island also boasts the best of the Baltics an exclusive equestrian centre..

Here everyone can find a suitable knight and can choose between hourly walks and a few days hike. Make sure you book your time and discuss the possibilities with the Kassari Rider Base family.

Three Famous Lighthouses

Originated from 1873, Tahkuna lighthouse is located on the northern tip of Hiiumaa and is 42.5 m high.

Our oldest and still third-largest lighthouse in the world today is located on the Kõpu Peninsula and is named after it Kõpu lighthouse. The lighthouse was built 67 meters above sea level at the highest point of Hiiumaa. The lighthouse is 36 meters above the ground and the fire is 102.6 meters above sea level, above which there are no beacons on the Baltic Sea.

From here you can go all the way to Ristna and discover the beautiful Ristna Lighthouse. Ristna Lighthouse was built the same year as Tahkuna Lighthouse.

Today all three lighthouses have a cafe in the summer and a nice outdoor seating area. Come and enjoy the different flavors and nature of Hiiumaa.

Kärdla Culture

Founded in 1564, the original Swedish settlement has grown into a beautiful small town with its own port and airport.

Here you will find various museums, galleries, shops, cafes, restaurants and many other exciting places in different seasons.

Dagen Haus dares to recommend every season champagne bar “Kork”, where quite often new interesting events take place. In addition to cinema evenings, you can always have some nice champagne and enjoy the cozy interior and family party on the couch. Keep up to date with what's going on on Cork's Facebook page.

Nature Hiking Trails

Hiiumaa is one of the most beautiful and safest areas in Estonia. Compared to the mainland, there is much peace and quiet here. Thanks to the surrounding sea, the Hiiumaa Recreation Area has a slightly different climate than the mainland - with more sunshine and less rain, the spring bloom begins a few weeks later and the autumn stretches longer.

Here you will find many deserted beaches where you can put up your tent and enjoy the setting sun. RMK page introduces all the different hiking trails and accommodation options.

There are many hiking trails on Orjaku Island nearby Dagen Haus. Wonderful views and experiences at different times of the year. Come and enjoy the clean air and untouched forests; tranquility and tranquility on nature and hiking trails, in marshes and in the middle of the island in bogs.

Hiiumaa - one of the 15 counties - is the county with the smallest area and population but Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia.

Keep up to date with what's happening in Hiiumaa and learn more about what's happening on the island - where to go and what to do.

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