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Starts from 15.00, if you arrive later than 19.00, kindly let us know.
Check-out from the guesthouse by 12.00. If you wish to stay longer, kindly let us know, every hour after 14.00 is €20
Payment can be made using cash or card. We do not accept American Express. Nearest ATM 6 km away
If cancelled 2 months prior to arrival, we will refund the advance payment 100%, if one month in advance, then 50%. If we find new customers without any extra costs, we will try to refund the entire prepayment regardless of cancellation time.
Languages spoken
Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian.
Not permitted in the building nor in the rooms, other than the outside terrace.
Shops and restaurants
There are 4 restaurants & 2 stores accessible within 6 km radius.
House rules
No 24-hour reception. Noise down in the living room after 11 pm. No curfew. Come and go any time you want. The house is open 24/7 No pets.
Children & extra beds
All children under 5 years stay free of charge. Children from age 6, extra bed charge 15€/night. Breakfast charge form age 6-12 is 5€. Breakfast from age 13 is 9€. The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1 (upon request in advance). Additional guest in the room with an extra bed is charged 15€/night.
Hiiumaal on palju teha. Vaata rohkem infot Hiiumaa Tegevuse leheküljelt | Meil on suur aed palju ruumi, suvel on meil pikniku võimalus hoovis | Meie töötajad on väga abivalmis ja annavad teile kõik vajalikud juhised, kuhu minna ja mida teha 🙂

Vastused levinud küsimustele

How old is Dagen Haus?
Dagen haus on pea 20 aastat tegutsenud, mõisa kuivatihoone aga ehitati aastal 1842.
Do we need a car in Hiiumaa?
Soovitav on avastada seda maagilist saart kas autoga või kui ilm lubab, siis jalgratastega. Dagen Haus külalistemajas on olemas nii ratta – kui ka autorent.
How to get from Tallinn to Dagen Haus
Tallinnast Rohuküla sadamani sõidab umbes kaks tundi autoga, siis veidi üle ühe tunni praamiga ja veel 20 minutit Heltermaalt Dagen Haus külalistemajja.
Can we have dinner at Dagen Haus?
We do offer dinners in the winter time, our local three-course dinner is available on request, 28€/person

Spacious dining & living room

Guests can relax, use fast internet watch TV or read in the common lounge area where books are also provided. The place is furnished with comfy couches, 3 big tables, and 24 chairs. Moreover, it also has a fireplace for the winter time.

Glasshouse terrace

Next, to the living room, there is an amazing place to work or have a cup of coffee with the view of Käina bay. Its equipped with 3 small and 1 big table and 10 chairs.

Sauna (electric)

Pre-booking required for an extra charge. Fits up to 8 people for 20 €/hour.

Big garden & outdoor terrace

Ideaalne paik pikniku läbiviimiseks pere ja sõprade seltsis. Grilli külalistemaja terrassil või naudi loojuvat päikest võrkkiiges. Pargis saab aktiivselt aega veeta erinevaid pallimänge mängides. Lisaks on olemas liivakast ja mänguväljak lastele. Talvel pakume võimalust uisutada.

Dageni lugu

Let me tell you how this guesthouse stepped into life. I’ve got two stories. The first story describes my ultimate bond to the land of Hiiumaa. I was 25 years old when I happened to drive through central Hiiumaa to visit my girlfriend in Kõpu peninsula. Interestingly, I had grown up in Hiiumaa, yet been to Kõpu so few times that I was forced to use a map in order not to get lost.

Since then I started to visit Kõpu as well as other parts of the island much more often. Soon enough I had a revelation: “Inside Hiiumaa, there is a second Hiiumaa, which is much greater than that of the outer!”

After all these years of living here, I had finally discovered to myself the utmost beauty of Hiiumaa. With a history of 6,000 years, it has 325 km of stretches of unspoiled coastline with various types of beaches and forests. The ancient land holds dozens of manors and ports, and nearly 200 villages, of which some have become merely places with names, yet even the smallest one has a unique story.

The second story is about DagenHaus which means “a house in Hiiumaa”. At the age of 16, I occasionally wandered in the remains of an old manor built in the 1840’s. As a teenager, I fell in love with the inexplicable beauty and charm of the site. Years later I bought the place and started the restore the historic house, which in turn gave birth to my eternal passion for old, worn houses with character and authenticity. As time went by, DagenHaus paved the way to Dagen Organic farm, that caters organic beef and lamb, dairy products and grain foods, preserved and processed in our own classical manor basement. There are more exciting challenges ahead, whereby we hope to surprise our loyal customers even more!

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