Things to do in Hiiumaa

Enjoy the magical island.


1) Chase the wild animal footprints in “Kaibaldi nõmm” 2) Visit “Kõpu” lighthouse in Kõpu peninsula. The third oldest continually operating lighthouse in the world. 3) Visit Tahkuna lighthouse in Tahkuna peninsula. 4) Visit museums, art galleries in Kassari and Kärdla, memorials and monuments (ancient sacred groves) in Kalaste. 5) Hit the hiking trails in the forests and swamps. Enjoy picking mushrooms and wild berries. 6) Go camping and enjoy the solitude in untouched nature.   7) Take a walk in beautiful islets and nature reserve areas. 8) Visit bird-watching towers to observe the migration of hundreds of species. 9) Enjoy coast side and river fishing. 10) Go paddling and kayaking at the beaches. 11) If you are lucky enough, You might witness the Northern Lights.

Hiiumaa situates in the Baltic Sea, northwest of the Gulf of Riga. It is a part of the West Estonian archipelago, a second biggest island to the north from the biggest island Saaremaa.

Hiiumaa is a low-lying island, composed of limestone and marine sedimentaries. It is special for its wealth of flora and fauna, the most diverse part of Estonia, offering stunning landscapes and sceneries within such a short range.
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