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  • 6 double rooms
  • possibility to add an extra bed or a crib
  • free WiFi throughout the house
  • shower, toilet, in one room also a bathtub
  • TV, radio
  • New breakfast menu

The Dagen Haus Guesthouse is located on the island of Hiiumaa, in the granary of the manor in the seaside village of Orjaku. Orjaku manor, founded in 1603, was originally the residence of a Swedish nobleman and state official. The stone buildings of the manor were constructed in the 1840's. The main building has been modest and practical through its history. However, the abundance of the stables, barns and other outbuildings indicate the strength of the manor economy at the time.

Dating from the same period, the granary is one of the few structures still standing right in the heart of the former manor complex.

The holiday house is just 100 metres from the protected Eye of Orjaku (an inland bay). We have tried to bring a little something of its spaciousness and serenity into all of the bedrooms on the second floor. The ceilings, fitted with wide beams, fragments of old floors, mixed and matched with glass walls and metal structures, intend to create a cosy atmosphere in two rooms with a fireplace.

The bedrooms are located on the second floor of the building overlooking a magnificent view of the traditional coastal landscape of Hiiumaa.

We have tried to create the best possible climate in all rooms because it is the basis for a good holiday. All rooms are equipped with ventilation, air conditioning and openable windows. All rooms have traditional floor of thick flooring planks, the sand cushion is used in the intermediate floors to silence the sound, and the partition walls are twofold.

An old village lane leads up to the building that forms part of the 3 km long Käina Bay hiking trail/Orjaku study trail. Käina Bay and its array of bird life are of particular interest to ornithologists. However, the viewing tower and hiking trail offer superb views of the surrounding landscape for anyone who loves nature. In addition, you can take bike trips or go out on a boat, or book a number of additional services to help you spend your time more enjoyable.

What makes staying at the holiday house special is the knowing that the house is available to 12 people at a time. It is possible to order a joint dinner; a self-service bar is open in the evenings (summer season) for the guests. A special way to enjoy your holiday in the company of friends is to rent the whole house and its kitchen and prepare your friends a luxurious dinner with the best wines and culinary skills.

In 2009, Dagen Haus was discovered by Lonely Planet magazine. In the November edition, we were selected to the list of 99 most characteristic small hotels of the world. It was exciting to find our name between the hotels in New Zealand and Syria. Hiiumaa and Dagen Haus are remembered by the world travelers as an oasis of peace and quiet.

If you wish to provide your friends or colleagues with a memorable outing that involves a little bit of serious thinking, our hearth rooms are prepared exactly for the occasion. Both of these rooms are well suited to hosting seminars. We can also cater for up to 35 people (large room).

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